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Steel Floor Joists

At Next Gen Steel Manufacturing Company, we manufacture high-quality steel floor joists for all types of buildings. Our steel joists are light in weight and durable. Their robust composition and high strength-to-weight ratio make them one of the most convenient and cost-effective building solutions. Our manufacturing facility has the most advanced automated roll-former for prefabricating steel. Moreover, we use premium quality steel and advanced engineering techniques to manufacture steel floor joists that provide structural superiority and are ideal for a diverse range of structures, whether residential or commercial. The precision in our manufacturing process ensures every joist is fit for purpose. We can custom-design steel floor joists to fit any design or size requirement giving you greater design flexibility.
Steel Floor Joists
Moreover, the high strength-to-weight ratio of our steel floor joists reduces the need to rely on internal load-bearing walls and columns, giving you an increased span and wide-open spaces. We combine modern design and engineering for manufacturing steel joists that are durable, long-lasting and meet industry standards. We are committed to delivering premium quality steel floor joists that are tested and certified.

What Are the Features of Our Steel Floor Joists?

Our steel floor joistsare becoming increasingly popular as they offer several benefits over traditional timber joists, including strength, durability, design flexibility and sustainability. Moreover, our steel floor joistscan withstand heavy loads and extreme weather conditions. The structural benefits of our steel floor joists include the following:
  • Strength to Weight Ratio :- Our steel floor joists are a convenient and cost-effective solution where heavier loads need to be supported. The steel joists we manufacture provide long-term stability. You can use steel floor joists to significantly reduce your building frame’s weight without compromising its load-bearing capacity.
  • Strength and Durability :- Our steel floor joists are strong, durable, and highly resistant to deterioration. Unlike timber joists, our steel floor joists do not warp, shrink, sag or rot. Since they are not affected by mould or dampness, they are an ideal option for basements and other areas where moisture can be a problem. They will never attract or harbour termites, so there is no need to treat them with chemicals.
  • Design Flexibility :- We manufacture customisable steel floor joists to meet any design or size requirement. Since our steel joists are customisable, they allow for greater design flexibility and make an ideal option for designing complex buildings.
  • Sustainability :- Our steel floor joists are 100% recyclable, more sustainable, and environment-friendly than chemically treated timber joists.
  • Easy to Install :- We manufacture lightweight steel floor joists that are very easy to install. They come prefabricated and customised as per your design requirements; this means you can install them more quickly with fewer labour costs.
  • No Unwanted Noise :- Unlike wooden flooring, our steel floor joists are quieter and less prone to cracking. You will not hear creaks or squeaks when walking on your floor.
  • Optimised For Outdoor Use :- Our light gauge steel frames are coated with a film to protect the exposed steel edge from corrosion to optimise them for outdoor use. Our steel floor joists are popular for their longevity and low maintenance.

Our Design and Fabrication Process


Get in touch with our engineers, and we will discuss your needs in detail and measure the scope of work.

Submit Quotation

Once we gather your requirements, we will recommend a steel joist solution that fits your needs and budget. At this stage, we will submit you quotations and wait for your approval.

Detailed Design

Our engineering specialist will produce 3D designs so you can review them at your leisure. Once 3D joist designs are approved, we will move on to the next step.


According to the finalised plan, we will manufacture your steel floor joists at this stage. Our experienced fabrication team follows exact specifications to manufacture steel joists with high precision and accuracy. This allows us to ensure the success of every project we undertake. Our team can meet tight deadlines and yet deliver high-quality solutions.

Why Choose NextGen Steel Floor Manufacturing Company?

We are among the leading providers of steel floor joists in Melbourne. We strive to provide you with steel floor joists that are:
  • Designed and manufactured with the most advanced engineering techniques to ensure strength and durability.
  • Cost-effective yet meet the highest quality standards in the industry.
  • Fully customised and tailored to your unique needs and requirements.
  • Available in various finishes so you can match your joists to the rest of your project.
  • Fully compliant with Australian building codes.
Steel Floor Joists

Book An Appointment

To learn more about our steel floor joists and how we can help you with your next construction project, please get in touch with our team by phone or email. We leverage our experience and expertise to find you the most suitable and bespoke solutions for your budget. Feel free to contact our team for an obligation-free quote. 


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Steel Floor Joists



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