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Steel Frame Flooring

At Next Gen Steel Framing, we manufacture a comprehensive range of steel flooring solutions for all types of buildings. Our steel flooring offers a strong, accurate, stable, durable framing alternative to traditional wooden floorsWe manufacture steel flooring using extremely strong light gauge steel, which allows us to accommodate any structural needs. Moreover, our efficient manufacturing processes will enable us to offer faster turnaround times for custom steel flooring engineered to your specific requirements.

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Smart, Cost-Effective Steel Flooring Systems

We manufacture steel flooring solutions for a large span; this allows us to reduce the number of internal load-bearing walls and columns, giving you greater design flexibility in constructing your building. All our steel flooring solutions are lightweight yet strong and will not bend and warp over time. Steel flooring solutions we offer are smart, cost-effective, and require little maintenance.

Our Steel Flooring Solutions

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Steel Flooring for Residential

Our light gauge steel flooring is versatile, durable, and economical for all residential buildings.

icons8 steel i beam 100 Steel Frame Flooring

Steel Flooring for Commercial

We manufacture highly durable and long-lasting steel flooring structures for commercial buildings.

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Steel Flooring for Industrial

Our steel flooring solutions are commonly used for office spaces, partitions, and mezzanine floors to provide an efficient and durable build.

What Are the Benefits of Our Steel Flooring Solutions?

  • Our steel flooring system has an impressive strength-to-weight ratio and will remain lighter than timber frames.
  • Our steel flooring system is extremely strong and durable and won’t warp, sag, shrink, or twist.
  • Unlike timber floors, our steel flooring is fire-resistant.
  • Our advanced engineering software and precision manufacturing process ensure our steel flooring system can be made extremely straight for a superior building finish.
  • Our steel flooring systems are manufactured over a long span, ensuring you have greater design flexibility.
  • No more squeaky floors or broken cornices like wood, as steel flooring is quieter and does not crack easily.
  • We offer corrosion- and termite-resistant steel flooring, which means you won’t have to worry about pest treatments, mould assessments, or repairing cracks or sagging.
  • Our steel flooring is highly cost-efficient as it maintains superb durability and performance for the long term with little maintenance.
  • Our range of steel flooring is environmentally friendly as it is made of completely recyclable material.

Our Steel Flooring Design and Fabrication Process

We follow a systematic design and fabrication process to ensure every project we undertake surpasses our customer’s expectations. Our steel flooring manufacturing process is as follows:
  • Gathering Project Specifications :- The first step is to understand your project requirements in detail. During the initial consultation, our steel frame engineering specialists will discuss every aspect of your project. They will recommend the steel flooring solution that meets your needs and fits your budget.
  • Get a Quote :- Our highly-experienced estimators will analyse your requirements in detail and deliver a richly-detailed, most competitive quote.
  • Place Your Order :- Place your order with our sales team. Once we receive your order and you complete the necessary formalities, we will start the work on your steel flooring project.
  • Detailed Design :- Our design team will start creating your design and provide you with a detailed 3D design and layout. The plan will include fixing the location and other details you require.
  • Review and Approval :- You will review the plan and documentation for your steel flooring solution at this stage. Once you approve the design, we will move to the manufacturing stage.
  • Manufacturing :- Our fabrication team will start manufacturing your steel flooring as per the finalised plans. While fabricating the floor, we will ensure it complies with Australian building codes.
  • Delivery and Installation :- We will deliver your steel flooring onsite and install it on the building. Our installation team will carry out the installation work quickly and efficiently.

Why Next Gen Steel Framing?

We leverage our expertise to craft functional and durable steel flooring solutions. We are a firm believer that one size does not fit all; therefore, we develop custom steel flooring solutions through continuous innovation and the use of advanced software and technologies. We design, manufacture and install your customised steel flooring system, making the process completely stress-free. Need help getting started? Call us today, and our team will be happy to assist you with your steel flooring needs.


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