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Steel Frame Homes

Design Driven Steel Frame Houses Melbourne

We manufacture steel frame houses that allow maximum design creativity while still maintaining the integrity of the building. We have an effective and efficient building program from design to construction to ensure it is tailored to your unique needs.

Our innovative steel framing solutions are a trusted choice for building steel frame houses in Melbourne. We have streamlined our processes to ensure we provide you with the highest quality steel frame houses with unrivalled structural integrity. We manufacture and install steel frame houseswith unparalleled precision so that there is no room for error and you get maximum strength and durability.

Steel Frame Homes in Melbourne
Stylish Steel Frame Homes in Melbourne

Stylish Steel Frame Homes in Melbourne

As a manufacturer of steel framing products, we have been manufacturing and installing stunning, architecturally designed steel frame houses with clean lines and strong finishes that add to their aesthetic beauty. We provide the highest standard in steel framing solutions and exceptional customer support.

Why Should You Choose Steel
Frame House?

Structural Integrity

Steel frame houses boast the highest strength-to-weight ratio that allows for wide spans. The high tensile strength of steel also means your house can withstand heavy loads and extreme weather conditions. Our steel frame houses are known for their longevity and strength and are manufactured in perfectly straight forms, making them easy to assemble.

Termite Resistance

Termite and pest infestations are an absolute threat to any home. Our steel frame houses are 100% termite-proof and do not need any pest control treatment. Additionally, our steel frames are not susceptible to mould, rot, or dampness, which makes them durable and almost maintenance-free.

Bushfire Protection

Steel is a non-combustible material and can retain its shape at much higher temperatures. Our steel frame houses are fire-resistant and ideal in areas prone to bushfires.


Our steel frame houses are prefabricated offsite, which lowers the cost of labour onsite. Moreover, we use advanced software and engineering techniques to ensure precision and accuracy and zero wastage.

What Should You Expect After Framing Your House with Steel?

Steel is a good building alternative as it has a high tensile strength. Our steel frame houses in Melbourne are known for their ability to withstand common causes of deterioration and require low maintenance. So, your steel frame house in Melbourne will look great and stay in perfect condition with little maintenance. Moreover, you can increase the lifespan of your steel frame house in Melbourne if you maintain it regularly and address minor damage in a timely manner. 

Steel Frame House in Melbourne

Why Choose Us?

Quick Turnaround Time

Our highly skilled and experienced staff and tried and tested procedures help us to deliver projects on time. We perfectly balance speed with quality and reliability and never compromise on safety, efficiency, and quality. 


We use advanced technologies and precision manufacturing processes to create dimensionally accurate and architecturally sound steel frame houses. We keep innovating our design, fabricating, and engineering techniques to deliver cutting-edge solutions that provide structural stability and integrity to a home. 

Quality Assurance

At Next Gen Steel Framing, we are committed to providing our customers with unmatched quality and workmanship. We use the most advanced framing system, elite engineering, and digital design integration software. We have streamlined our processes to manufacture and deliver premium quality steel frame houses in Melbourne.


Our team provides ongoing support with both pre and post-installation to ensure your job is done safely and efficiently and you have a smooth experience.

Free Quote

Our highly experienced estimators discuss your specific requirements in detail and then deliver richly-detailed obligation-free quotes that are fast, concise, and all-inclusive. 


We cover everything from the initial design right through to installation. We provide safe, fast, and quality-assured installation services. We prefabricate the entire steel frame house structure offsite to ensure a faster installation time. 

Looking to Build a Steel Frame House?

Look no further as we manufacture and install steel frame houses. Our team will design a perfect steel frame house solution for your needs. Our steel framing system is the most advanced, and our engineering and software design integration allows us to manufacture high-quality homes built to last. We at Next Gen Steel Framing partner with you from the design stage right through to installation. Contact us today to get started.


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