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Steel Wall Frames

At NextGen Steel Framing, we design, manufacture and deliver steel wall framing solutions for all types of construction projects in Australia. We offer a diverse range of steel wall frame systems in a variety of different dimensions at the most competitive rates. Furthermore, we excel at crafting custom steel wall frames tailored to our clients’ unique specifications. Our team of skilled professionals employs advanced engineering techniques, cutting-edge software, and state-of-the-art machinery to deliver top-of-the-line, high-quality steel wall frames.

Steel Wall Frames

High-Quality Steel Wall Frames

We manufacture high-quality steel wall frames engineered with precision and accuracy. Our steel wall frames are lightweight, durable, versatile and fully compliant. We adopt a personalised approach to manufacture steel wall framing products that suit the complex requirements of your residential, commercial, or industrial construction.

Customised Steel Wall Frames

Steel Wall Framing System Melbourne

We can design and manufacture steel wall frames as per your specifications in our advanced technology-equipped manufacturing facility. We combine our knowledge and expertise with advanced 3D modelling software to create bespoke steel wall framesolutions. Our engineers work in close collaboration with your team from start to finish to manufacture and deliver steel wall frame solutions that are ideal for your project. 

Why Choose Our Steel Wall Frames?

  • Strength :-
    Steel has a high tensile strength, which allows us to fabricate lightweight steel wall framing solutions that are easy to manoeuvre and install and still do not compromise the structural integrity of the building.
  • Pest Resistant and Maintenance Free :-
    Our steel wall frames do not require any treatment to repel pests. Termites or borers can’t damage our frames. Moreover, our steel frames are not susceptible to mould, rot or dampness. Our frames are ideal if you are looking for a durable and maintenance-free wall-framing solution.
  • Easy Onsite Installation :-
    We prefabricate all sections of the steel wall frame with precision at our manufacturing facility in Melbourne. Therefore, no additional work is required onsite, and we can straightway start the installation at your site.
  • No Wastage :-
    We manufacture steel frames using the most advanced techniques and software to ensure accuracy and zero wastage. Moreover, we inspect all sections at our facility to ensure each wall frame meets your specifications.
  • Pre-cut Service Holes :-
    We pre-cut all service holes at our facility according to your specifications so that you do not have to worry about drilling holes for plumbing and electrical services.

What Makes Us Different?

We understand every project and design has its unique scope and details; hence we provide personalised solutions and engineering for constructing steel wall frames. We capitalise on our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and technological resources to offer our customers durable and sustainable lightweight gauge steel wall frames for residential, commercial and industrial projects. Our technical sales and engineering team also provides you with technical design support. We ensure all our steel wall framescomply with the Australian Construction Codes and engineering specifications. Moreover, all our products come with a certification. We are committed to building confidence through clear communication and transparency with our clients.

We Design

Every project is produced using advanced engineering software to ensure each steel wall frame is made with precision and accuracy to deliver incredible quality. We have vast experience working with residential, commercial and industrial clients, so we can deliver on any project.

We Supply

We supply steel wall frames in a prefabricated form ready to erect. Our steel frames are light in weight and easy to handle, which ultimately speeds up the erection process. Moreover, we won't leave you in the lurch when it comes to delivery. We have a fast turnaround time and always meet our deadlines.

We Install

We also specialise in installing steel wall frames. Our experienced team stays abreast with the latest industry standards and techniques. We adhere to all safety standards and protocols during installation to ensure we provide the best possible service.

Our Proven Six-Step Process

Step 1:- Get in touch with our highly-experienced estimators, who will discuss your specific needs in detail and then deliver a richly-detailed, value-for-money quote. 

Step 2:- Once you enter a contract with us, we will design your steel wall frames quickly and efficiently.

Step 3:- We use 3D modelling software to complete the initial design and send it to you for your approval. At this stage, we ensure your specific criteria have been met. 

Step 4:- We engineer the agreed design. We also issue a certificate with our finished steel wall frames. 

Step 5:- Our team will assemble your steel wall frames at this stage. 

Step 6:- We deliver the finished product to your location and also install it.

Speak To Us About Your Steel Wall Framing Requirements Today!

We aim to deliver quality steel wall frames with minimum fuss at competitive prices and always on time. We at Next Gen Steel Framing strive to provide exceptional customer service and continually update you on the progress of the work. Get in touch with our engineers if you have any questions about our steel wall framing solutions.  


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Steel Wall Frames